Complete Diet For The Nutrition Of Baby After 6 Months

Complete Diet For The Nutrition Of Baby After 6 Months

Complete Diet

Complete diet for the nutrition of baby after sixth month. When a woman becomes a mother for the first time, she worries About How To Take Care Of Her Babys nutrition. When your child is six months old, it is essential to take care of the nutrition of the baby. Feeding and when to feed the baby to develop correctly is a challenging task in itself. A good nutrient for the baby strengthens his body and develops his mind. Let me tell you why a baby’s mental development is essential.

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Why do we care about the nutrition of the baby?

You will be surprised to know that by the time the baby is two years old, he has already developed 90% of his head size. To explain it another way, the head size in adult age has become 90 percent complete in his two years. Another fact related to the nutrition of a baby that you should know is that 75 percent of what the baby eats during the age of 2 years is utilized to develop the brain. It means by the age of 2 years, the development of the head and mind of the baby is very high.

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You must have understood how important a baby’s nutrition is in the initial years with these facts. The nutrition and food of these early times affect his whole life. Therefore, as a parent, you have to understand that a child’s nutrition in the initial years can determine his life. Therefore, keeping in mind the nutrition of the baby, we will talk about what should be fed to the baby on the first day and when.

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Along with this, we will also talk about the baby’s diet between 6 to 9 months. Before talking further about the nutrition of the baby, we would like to tell you that even though the baby should start feeding after six months, but from 6 to 12 months, the baby’s primary food will be the mother’s milk. Even for 12 months, the primary source of energy or the main source of nutrition of the baby is breastfeeding. After six months, you start giving solid food to the baby.

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Baby’s food in the form of porridge

According to WHO, introducing solid food to the baby and breastfeeding starts at six months. Now the question is, after six months, when we start giving solid food to the baby, how should it be? Baby’s first food should be in the form of porridge. You can give daliya, khichdi, cereals, meshed fruits, meshed vegetables to the baby in the form of porridge. So with all these food items, you can start your baby’s first meal as porridge.

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Sometimes some mother is such that she dilutes this porridge too much. Diluting the porridge too much can have disadvantages. The first disadvantage in this is that whatever nutrition was inside that porridge, it has been reduced.

And its second disadvantage is that when the baby takes it, he will swallow it like a liquid meal. It will prevent the baby from using his teeth. In this way, the chewing movement that we were expecting him to do will not come. That’s why we suggest that whenever you are making baby porridge, you should keep in mind that it is a little thick.

To see the thickness of the porridge, take care that it does not drip down whenever you lift it with a spoon. You will give your baby this type of thick porridge, and then he will be able to use his jaw to make chewing movements.

Complete Diet

How many times to feed the baby for complete diet?

Complete diet for your baby. Now the second question that comes is how many times to feed the baby? Till six months onwards, the baby’s stomach size is tiny. In such a situation, you feed him two to three spoons in the morning and two to three spoons in the evening.

Often at this age, the baby cannot eat more than two to three spoons, so you give him as much as he wants to take. It would be best if you did not force him to take food. As the baby grows, so will the size of his stomach, and he will increase his meal on his own. In many places, we have read that people search for their baby’s diet chart that what to feed the baby in the morning, what to feed in the afternoon, what to feed in the evening, etc.

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The suggestion of doctors for the nutrition of the baby

For this, some doctors suggest that you first observe the feeding movement of the baby. After the primary food, i.e. breastfeeding, if the baby puts his hand in his mouth or accepts the food after bringing it close, you can feed him.

As the baby grows, his oral intake will increase automatically. In many places, we have seen that people feed sweets like kheer, halwa, etc., to the baby in the early days. Avoid giving such things to the baby because the test sense of the baby develops in three years.

In such a situation, when you feed him sweet things, he will continue to eat sweets for a lifetime. It is better that you feed him healthy and nutritious food. It will allow the baby to prefer healthy and nutritious food throughout his life. For this, you can use fruits with less sweetness.

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Apart from this, you should also take care of hygiene while feeding the baby. Because the baby keeps crawling throughout the day, then there is dirt in their hands. Therefore, before Feeding The Baby, wash your hands and baby’s hands thoroughly. In this way, you can provide healthy and nutritious food while taking care of your baby’s diet.

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