Almond mom meaning – Thin Line Between Wellness and Unhealthy Influences

Almond mom meaning The term of “almond mom” Almond mom meaning – The term “almond mom” is used to describe a parent, often a mother, who promotes potentially unhealthy attitudes toward food and exercise, particularly focusing on disordered eating habits and excessive fitness expectations for their children. This behavior may be masked as an emphasis on health and wellness. Almond […]

Postpartum depression symptoms and treatment

Postpartum depression Postpartum depression is a set of emotional alterations and behavioral shifts that could happen after delivery. And linked to a variety of physiological and psychological changes. The term “postnatal” or “postpartum” depression has been used in the literature to describe this illness. It is not a whim of the mother, but rather a serious condition. Many women feel […]

Postpartum recovery and what to expect

About Postpartum recovery Postpartum recovery is a bit hard. Because your body has undergone tremendous changes. In the past 9 months. It is normal to feel weak after giving birth. Also not to have the same condition as before. Because a woman’s body after childbirth is weaker. It is more vulnerable. And can be more prone to some problems. But […]