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Special Christmas Tips for Pregnancy – Listening to music – Why?

Special Christmas Tips for Pregnancy – Listening to music – Why?

Infants recall all melody that heard while being in the uterus of its moms – Special Christmas Tips

Special Christmas Tips – Researchers suggest that expecting moms listen to lullabies and music they prefer. It is said to be beneficial to the brain growth of newborns.

According to Eino Partanen, a neuroscientist who took part in the Finnish study. Is if woman sing specific tunes during pregnancy, the infant is likely to identify them. When it comes to soothing a wailing infant, singing the very same melodies will come in handy.

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The findings show that moms who develop a liking for Mozart, Vivaldi, or Bach; in the hopes of aiding their unborn child’s development; are not wasting their time. Last three months of pregnancy, Finnish researcher presented 12 women who are pregnant CDs. And asked them to play them loudly 5 times during the week. They had to trash the CD after having a baby to ensure that the songs were remembered during the pregnancy.

Listening to music

Much music was played three times on the CD immediately after the babies were born. And their brain waves were monitored. One out of every eight tons of music was modified in the initial set of newborns. The newborns in the second group were not exposed to the music while in the womb of their mothers. When newborns heard familiar tones, their brain activity increased, according to brain imaging. Throughout pregnancy, the more the woman listened to a song, the more the baby identified her.

According to previous studies, babies remember phrases from their mother’s pregnancy and know the sound of her favorite soap. Song memory lasts for at least the first four months of life, according to one study. According to researchers in Helsinki, exposing newborns to music while they are still in the mother’s womb; is crucial for brain growth. These findings reveal that newborns may learn from a young age. And that the effects of learning last a long period in the brain. Scientists warn that placing loud speakers on a pregnant woman’s abdomen would actually do more harm than benefit. And that listening to music does not guarantee that their child will be intellectual above normal.

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