Horoscope for baby

Horoscope for baby

Horoscope for Baby Aries

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Horoscope for baby Aries
Baby Aries

Horoscope for baby Aries says: Save a lot of colorful toys, particularly ones that make a lot of noise, because it enjoys anything that makes a lot of noise. And if you don’t have enough milk, dear mother, you’ll have to buy food ahead of time so you don’t have to rush to the pharmacy when he’s hungry.

Baby Aries has a powerful voice, and everyone must recognize him as soon as he speaks! You must all be present in the hospital to see him first. Horoscope for baby Aries also says that he will only cry loudly to wake all the babies in his crib if he is hungry. He’s not going to wait a second longer. Allow him to sleep as much as he wants…


Enterprising, daring, impulsive, headstrong, dynamic…


Horoscope for Baby Taurus

(Apr 20 – May 20)

Baby Taurus

Horoscope for baby Taurus says: Because he sees and feels everything, you should avoid touching his diapers, porticos, or tiny toys because he likes a nice, scented crib. He’ll very certainly retaliate, protest, or cry out.

When this kid is born, everyone in the family is sensitive and wonderful till she goes home. The party may then commence. Your little Taurus enjoys sleeping a lot; never wake him up to make him drink milk on time since he knows better than you when it’s his time. . Because your little Taurus likes music, play him children’s songs or a music bedroom, and occasionally a classic serious aria performed by a violinist or piano, because he is sleeping better this way.


Stable, patient, persistent, inert, loves home and family…


Horoscope for Baby Gemini

(May 21 – Jun 20)

Horoscope for baby Gemini
Baby Gemini

Horoscope for baby Gemini says: Gemini babies are exactly what their zodiac sign suggests. One Gemini is quiet, good, sleeps, and eats whatever his mother gives him, while the other is mischievous, always flailing his arms, attempting to “tell” you something, and then joyfully crying with a smile on his face when he can’t.

It’s better to follow him and feed him when he’s at his most relaxed. Not as he’s attempting to relax after changing a diaper, because he already envisions himself on a sports field or as a club entertainer. Talk to Gemini infants, read them audio books, and don’t leave them alone since you won’t be able to stand the incessant wailing…


Fast, lively, curious, communicative, sociable, agile…

PLANET: Mercury

Horoscope for Baby Cancer

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Baby Cancer

Horoscope for baby Cancer says: “I only want my mother by my side… and I don’t care about my father, brother, sister, grandma, or grandfather… because motherhood is everything”

And when tiny Cancer sees this world, he recognizes and senses his mother; he recognizes her as his one true guiding star. Horoscope for baby Cancer also says that mom, like every mother, becomes weary, overtired, and she can’t pour so much passion into a hug and kiss that little Cancer will feel, and the penalty is: not sleeping at night, weeping stomach pains, not drinking enough water, not drinking enough milk. The only treatment is to lean it on your chest; you do not need to sing or talk, but it is essential to think positively at that time, because Cancer is a highly perceptive sign, and everything feels around him.


Sensual, mysterious, loyal, has a vivid imagination, it is the most emotional astrological sign…

PLANET: The moon

Horoscope for Baby Leo

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Horoscope for baby Leo
Baby Leo

Horoscope for baby Leo says: First and foremost, there must be a huge celebration in the family when the little Leo is born. This is often done two or three months before to his due date. It doesn’t matter if mum is there when he sees this world; what matters is that he shows everyone that he is healthy, powerful, and muscular, and that he will “strike” the diaper with his feet and most likely get out of those rags overnight since they pain him so much.

Horoscope for baby Leo also says that he already had a gut feeling about how important it was for him to enter the world, since how else would the tiny king arrive but in grand style?  There’s also no infant rising up and raising his head while you carry him around the home.


He likes to be in the center of attention, at the head of the action, he loves life, children, power…

PLANET: The sun

Horoscope for Baby Virgo

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Baby Virgo

Horoscope for baby Virgo says: If people believe this is a peaceful infant, they will be fooled. Perhaps, perhaps somewhere at first, but as the days pass, she demonstrates how active she is and how much she enjoys being surrounded by others.

Horoscope for baby Virgo also says that your baby Virgo, like other infants, like to be clean, so don’t be startled if her diaper is full or her hips are damp. She prefers hearing the sound of your footsteps, your voice, and the clatter of pans when boiling milk. She’ll most likely want to communicate with you as well, and it’s up to you to soothe her down by holding her hands and therefore offering reassurance to him.


Accurate, conscientious, meticulous, rational, distrustful…

PLANET: Mercury

Horoscope for Baby Libra

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Horoscope for baby Libra
Baby Libra

Horoscope for baby Libra says: The first guideline is how you eat, followed by how you sleep – wake up on time, stroll during the day, do some light reading, have coffee with friends in the afternoon… So expect your baby Libra to enjoy those lovely rituals and everything near to and with mom, but you’ll have to wake her for an hour if she needs to be fed, and when you’re angry, she’ll sleep and sleep as you speak to her gently be seee… No, no, none of it is true; she is still sleeping. However, as she grows older, she will be extremely devoted to her mother, and everything she can learn and follow will be the same as her mother’s, including food, sleeping, getting up, walking, and hanging out.


Attentive, measured, harmonious, gets along well with others…


Horoscope for Baby Scorpio

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Baby Scorpio

Horoscope for baby Scorpio says: Here is an ancient tale about a unique sign, a toddler born with a physique so powerful that nothing can shatter it. Unbreakable, but beware: he’ll be so quiet, so peaceful, that just as you’re about to relax, he’ll strike.

And he’s not like baby Libra in that you don’t have to wake him up to feed him; instead, you must always have a large amount of food on hand when he cries, in addition to regular breastfeeding, you must feed him milk from a bag, and he will walk very early, so be careful not to injure yourself while running through rooms or on the playground. Horoscope for baby Scorpio also says that you’ll have a tempestuous young Scorpio who develops into a self-conscious adult, and it’s possible that he’ll wish to leave his primary house and family early due to school or job obligations.


Has a strong will, is dynamic, focused, persistent and serious, he is attracted to challenges…


Horoscope for Baby Sagittarius

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Horoscope for baby Sagittarius
Baby Sagittarius

Horoscope for baby Sagittarius says: Doctors – baby gunners – are born under this sign. And if a little Sagittarius is born, he is to consume all that is offered to him if he loves anything in the world.

However if mommy may not have enough milk, mixed with water; it really doesn’t matter; what matters is that he fills his stomach, so he can return in two hours, and when you meet him in kindergarten as a youngster, he’ll be pleased to share a snack with friends if they can’t. Horoscope for baby Sagittarius also says that if you don’t give your baby Sagittarius the attention and recognition he craves from an early age, know that he will instantly disassemble whatever new toy you purchase him. Also, the infant like crowds, commotion, and people, which I discovered in practice. If your visitors arrive, leave the room door open; he is unconcerned with noise, music, or loud talking.


Loves freedom, is enthusiastic, witty, sporty type, has enormous energy…

PLANET: Jupiter

Horoscope for Baby Capricorn

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Baby Capricorn

Horoscope for baby Capricorn says: Baby Capricorn is the one who appears to be older than the rest of the infants. It’s commonly claimed that people are old while they’re young and young when they’re old. There is some truth in this, because children are born at the end of the year and the beginning of the next. So that your child has lovely skin and remains young for a long period as other young people age. Horoscope for baby Capricorn also says that baby Capricorn is docile, introverted, and shy. She will not beg for food until it is offered to her, and she may go without water for a long period.

He loves to keep his toys, and as he gets a little older, he’ll also want to put his belongings in his closet, which no one is permitted to touch except mum… Despite the fact that her ruler, the planet Saturn, is not a favorite, Baby Capricorn is not pessimistic. Capricorns have a natural affinity for smiling and maintain it throughout their lives, making it difficult to identify them. Do not scream at the baby Capricorn because, despite her little size, she is a highly spiteful creature. Music is very important to a Capricorn baby, which is why it is played first thing in the morning.


Serious, thoughtful, ambitious, strives for success in later years…

PLANET: Saturn

Horoscope for Baby Aquarius

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Horoscope for baby Aquarius
Baby Aquarius

Horoscope for baby Aquarius says: Spend your entire life trying to make the tiny and then the large Aquarius contradict you, and you’ll always make a mistake, always go in the wrong path. He is demanding as a youngster, and he seldom likes anything; if he doesn’t like the area where you took him as a guest, expect a huge cry, and you will have to return home before seeing friends. Grandparents that are continually waving and chatting over his head irritate him. If he’s kicking and agitated, it’s because he wants to be alone.

Horoscope for baby Aquarius also says that you need to respect his wishes from the time he is a baby, since as he grows older, he will become more rebellious, especially as he grows older and seeks his independence and quiet without being prompted excessively; otherwise, get ready to play football in your apartment or invite a large number of friends around. It’s customary to have a private party. So take good care of the cradle to encourage it to pursue science and provide it with a current mobile phone and the greatest computer when it grows up.


Individualist, original, unconventional, truthful, controversial, elusive

PLANET: Uranus

Horoscope for Baby Pisces

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Baby Pisces

Horoscope for baby Pisces says: They say Pisces is the final sign, and everything goes out with them, but you’re incorrect. It’s a quiet period before the storm. Baby Pisces is warm, peaceful, and tranquil when she is born, and she barely cries, so her mother wonders what’s wrong with her and why she doesn’t scream out loud, at least when she is hungry. Pisces are born ready for a big mission, and it is not their place to waste energy yelling and kicking all night and day in diapers, unless they have a fiery sub sign. Horoscope for baby Pisces also says that the infant prefers warmth above all, and he sleeps with his sensuous pillows, blankets, and soft toys because he often dreams and talks in his sleeping, and you will learn everything.

Cinderella, an unlucky little girl, later a girl who had to clean and stay in the shadow of her stepmother and her children, and a nice fairy helps her win a prince, is her favorite fairy tale to tell, especially if she is a girl. As a result, your young Pisces lady will grow up to emulate that example, while your little Pisces guy will seek out the sound of the guitar, adore poetry, sing like a kid, and eventually compose his masterpieces. Forgiveness, loving words, music, and growing up with rock ‘n’ roll help Pisces recover.


Indirect, enigmatic, romantic, hypersensitive, selective, understands better than others…

PLANET: Neptune

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